True Love

Call me "Old fashioned", but when I hear of a couple waiting to move in together after they get married,  makes my heart melt. As I have just spent the afternoon with Matt and Jess you can see the depth of love, respect, passion and desire for each other that will far surpass time.  The stunning backdrop of  basalt columns at Bombo beach weren't enough to pry their eyes away from each other.

  April - Bombo Quarry - 34.6515° S, 150.8624° E


Matt and Jess meet  at taronga zoo near the monkey cage, Matt later proposed by foreshores of lake illawarra and they are soon to be wedded in June 


When you place two young people in love in a historical location. One time in history lava has flowed out of the earth with great force and then to quickly cool to produce the most magnificent basalt columns.

Love knows no Bounds