'Photography for me is not looking, its feeling. If you can't feel what your looking at, then your never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures'  - Don Mc Cullin

To challenge the word 'perfect' is the best way to describe the way I endeavour to photograph. My photography focuses on the raw emotions of the moments that should never be underestimated or left out,  from the tears of love in that first kiss, to the wild and free children barefoot and exploring to anything in between that tells a story.  

Being a photographer is not just clicking a button, its about getting closer and deeper into the soul of person/s, capturing everything that is raw and real. When I take a picture I want to reach out and grab that  moment in time that speaks the soul. I want my pictures to tell a story, your story, one that you and I can understand. I want to capture your everyday,  the mess the imperfections, everything that you may feel overwhelmed with, but I want to stand beside you and show you that there is beauty in everything, and there is an entire story to be told and remembered behind all the cracks.

So how about I challenge you to spend some time with me whether it is your special wedding day, the birth of your child, your everyday homelife as a family, getting messy with  your children and enjoying the moment of their youth, I want to capture it ! all of it! so let me shake that ideal of the words  'perfect ' and lets step out of the box and dig a little deeper because thats when the magic really starts to happen.


 I'm Naomi and I look forward to meeting you