I am wife and a mother of four boys living life in the land down under. Our  family life is messy, untamed, wild and adventurous. We homeschool and raise our boys to have a childhood free from expectations, to be able to think freely and to keep the raw essence of their childhood for as long as possible. Most of my photography focuses on our children and their environment hoping to tell their story through my lens.

When I was  15  I was given an old pentax camera at school , I was shown how to develop and process film in a dark room. During the day when all the other kids were sitting outside eating their lunch,  I was busy in the dark room processing film. My great grandfather was a photojournalist during the second world war in Europe and at home we had many of his photos published in books that I would spend my days looking at. 

As the years went by I focused more heavily on painting and sketching, and spent many years at the school of fine arts exploring different medium's. After some time I revisited the film camera and dark room, i felt my creative soul began to come alive once again. When I had my first born son I switched from film to digital and since then the camera stays by my side. It is a part of me now, it is who I am an artist and a  photographer.